West Coast Behavioral is a management group focused on applying the principles of behavior analysis to solve socially significant problems in a variety of settings. The company has two divisions: Blueprints and Optimal.

Seeing a need for a new model of behavior analysis services for families with children who exhibit extreme challenging behavior, Shane Isley founded Blueprints in 2008 and began providing evidence-based treatments in the home and community, with the family. This approach has proven highly successful for families in crisis, including many with children/teens who were at-risk of out-of-home placement.

Founded in 2008, Optimal applies the principles of behavior analysis to help companies improve their business performance. While its services have the potential to benefit all types of businesses, the Optimal team has particular expertise in the health and social services sector, where it has focused on helping businesses enhance employee performance and client satisfaction.

On July 1, 2015, West Coast Behavioral—including both Blueprints and Optimal—merged with MOSAIC to form an integrated practice offering an even wider range of services.

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